Blå Sø (Blue Lake)

500 travelling bowls

BlåSø3On Saturday the 4th of April 2009 I did a project with Tea JensenHelenaa Hedegaard and Sara Scheel. We gave away 500 little porcelain bowls to random people passing by at Aarhus Central Station.

Each bowl had a number and our website on it. The thought was, that whoever got the bowl should take it out travelling and blog about it on our website blåsø.dk

There was a lot of funny and interesting comments at blåsø.dk - and the bowls travelled far, from the local towns to Riga - and even as far as India.

The bowls were very popular, so I have made a new collection of bowls. This time I am not giving them away, though - but you can buy them in Formuleret. Alle the bowls are numbered and have either a blue or a green glaze.




Photos: Helenaa Hedegaard and Anja Gejpel