subtleties of accents / subtleties of pots

I like language



Listening to the news, I find myself concentrating on the way people speak,the words they use, and I think I hear the subtleties of their backgrounds and values through their language.

Like the subtle differences in the way we speak, implicitly in my pots lie qualities that make them differ from the rest.

To make honest work, I must reflect who I am in my pots, and make them speak my language.

I don't speak the way I did when I grew up. I don't use the same words either. But my accent did not vanish from moving around geografically and socially - rather it has been enriched. The more I build on the accent in my work, the richer it gets.

Just as you cannot deliberately change your language or choose to speak with a different accent, you cannot make convincing pots that are not connected to your background.

This is not restricting work, it is helping to find reference and difference.
Reference, not just referring to my own life, but a reference to the whole context and tradition my work is building on.

Difference, because it is my accent, my work.

-Ninna Gøtzsche, 2010