The Thorough Collector

I am showing my work at a fair in the UK. A collector who has bought from me before, comes to my stand. I havn't seen him in a couple of years, he recognices me, but not my ceramics which has changed quite a lot in those years.SOFA New York, Wayward

For a long time he is standing there, looking at the work. With his eyes and his hands. Thoroughly. I am telling him about the background for the changes in my work. He doesn't say much. In the end he says, that he will have to think about this development and what to make of it. Then he walks away.

A couple of hours later he is back. Ready to look carefully. Things are lifted, the weight is felt in the hand. The different glazes are studied carefully. The footring is felt by the finger, and I notice how he at the same time judges how it fits the rim of the pot. Work is looked at from above, in profile and compared. The curve on a form is followed by the hand. 
Yes, he says at last and gives and approving nod. This is not what I expected, but it is a good development.
I take my work seriously and when others do too, I have to work even harder.