14th of October 2013


Part of defining myself as a craftsperson, must also be to define my inspiration. I already mentioned the functional aspect as part of my inspiration. I will describe other aspects of inspiration through examples.Kvadratisk, linjeskåle

My series with lines was developed in the first year, I lived in London. It was partly a development from my graduation project from Bornholm, where I looked at the importance of the detail but also a project formulated by Julian Stair, whom I was an assistant to, about developing a coherent body of work. I wanted to make something with a simplistic expression, with the detail in focus and with a decoration that underlined the shape without taking focus.

KrusThey functional work I do now, has partly evolved out of a desire to create something more personal, tactile and where the glaze plays a greater role. As I have become stronger in the detail, I focus more on expression. I have used the experience from my "Oblique" vases and from the "Wayward" series - and the exchange of experience has gone as much the other way, from the functional work to the other. It has evolved together.

Kvadratisk, ukultiveret"Uncultured" has been developed to describe the harsh, not so nice sides - of life and of ceramics. I had various references from uncultured experiences that that I wanted to make into a ceramic expression. The functional side is still present, but the expression is dominant here.

In these three examples I have, with a simplification, worked with: focus on precision of detail, the development of ceramic qualities and development of a personal expression.
I could not have done the work I'm doing now if I had not made the other to begin with. They are entangled, build on one another - and as I wrote earlier; my best keeps getting better.

Fundamentally, I have had the same thoughts since I started making ceramics. But I have become better at getting to the core of the ideas. I have developed the craftsmanship, here including my eye and head, so I can express myself more precisely - and at the same time more complex.

I am inspired by the work I develop, because the development is constantly giving me new aspects to work with. At the same time, I have a personal story I want to tell, without ending up with a self-releasing expression. Last, but not less important, the history of ceramics, the art history and the history in general inspires me and puts my work and personal story in context.


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