2nd of October 2013

Ukultiveret, lang 1Reasons for wondering about ceramics

I am neither an artist, nor a craftsperson by nature. So, of course, it has taken time to learn both and become what we in Danish call a "kunsthåndværker", a workmanship/artist-person.

I have spent a long time relating to the details. To look at a cup and assess whether the curve is just right, the weight is good and the glaze is matt in the right way. All these details have required study and contemplation - now they are in my hand and in my eye as tacit knowledge.

In recent years, I have exhibited at Talente in Munich, Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in London and SOFA New York. To be invited to these exhibitions, has meant that I have been through an artistic development that has gone much faster than it would have done otherwise. When I am invited to exhibit with some of the finest makers in the world, I must at least do my best.

I have done my best and my best is constantly improving. I have always tried to have my head with me. I realize that my artistic direction also requires words, considerations and formulations. 
Last autumn, I had a solo exhibition in Officinet in Copenhagen called Decendents. Putting together an entire exhibition required a mindset instead of unrelated thoughts. I had to curate my thoughts. Curating was supported by the fact that I dealt with my work in writing. It has become clear to me, that by formulating me about my work, not only has the communication with my audience become stronger, but communication to myself, and therefore the further development of my work, has also become stronger. 
At the same time, I find this dissemination and formulation incredibly exciting - it gives a depth and meaning to my work.

So I am in an exciting development - but the clarity that reflection on my artistic work gives, also means that I can see that my whole body of work move in several different directions. I want to make that a clearer image. My goal is not to find a box I can jump into and stay in for the coming years. I will always be in a search for new roads, but I would like to formulate the foundation more clearly to myself.


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