24th of October 2013


BeskrivelsesskilteOne of my ways to develop myself as a craftsman is to communicate about my work. I've discovered that when I talk myself about my ceramics, it becomes stronger. Being able to explain about it requires that it is thought through. 
I have partly communicated through texts, both as these, but also texts dealing with actual pieces. I have made series of images that describes the process and I have made projects where audience got involved.
In one of the later, I asked the audience to describe exhibited bottles with their own word. This resulted both in an analysis of the form but also that people engaged actively with my work.
It is strengthening my ceramics it is a way to reach people - and a way I like to work. 

Længsel, parWhat do I want to achieve? That people reflect and look at the work instead of just seeing a random vase. My diverse communication can be an eye opener, a way to know what to look for - not just for the specific work, but a way into the world of ceramics.
I'm trying to allow people to get involved.

Ukultiveret, lang 1However, I fumble with the different types of communication. Even if I have always worked with it, I'm insecure. I'm not a writer, so are my texts good enough? Is it corny, I try to involve the audience?
I would like to reach out to people. The lack of criticism and language regarding craft is part of the explanation for crafts inferiority to art. 
There is a lot of tacit knowledge in crafts. You need to hold it in your hands and feel the material - but nevertheless we can still discuss the quality, expression and understanding of the material.
We are not accustomed to using words about craft, not used to analyze. But you can train your eye - see if a form is fulfilled, whether the decoration works and the idea is worked through. You can assess the level without assessing whether you like the work.
The important thing is that crafts is evaluated on its own terms, otherwise it loses value.

It is on these terms, I would like to communicate to people. It is too easy to say that you can't describe crafts with words. In that is the case, we have to expand the vocabulary.


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