1st of October 2013

Forklæde, højt formatTwo months train of thought

In the coming two months, my kiln is not plugged in. Instead, there will be two months of thinking.Thoughts about, why I do ceramics and in which direction I want it to go with my work. Not because I am in a crisis, on the contrary, I am in the middle of an exciting artistic development. 
But exactly because of that. Because I want to consider, wheter I have taken the right direction. Are my choices regarding the ceramics I make, adjusted to my fundamental approach to making ceramics?

So quite concrete and rather symbolic, my kiln is without electricity for two months.
There is so much ceramics, that wants to be made and often it is easier to open a new bag of clay than reflecting over the result of the last bag.Hence I want to use two months at reading, writing, thinking and generally tidy up in my head.

I will be writing about some of my thoughts about ceramics on this site a couple of time a week. You are welcome to jump on the train of thoughts.