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9 good things that happened in 2012

1. Exhibition with Cultural Connections CC at SOFA new York
2. Workgrant from The Danish Agency for Culture (Statens Kunstfond)
3. Exhibiton at Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London with Cultural Connections CC
4. Development of a lot of new work for  Decendents (Ætlinge)
5. Solo exhibition in Officinet in Copenhagen
6. Søren Kjørup did a lecture about my exhibition in Officinet
7. Sale to Aarhus Council
8. "Experience" stand at KiC in Aarhus
9. Good Christmas sales at my studiogallery Formuleret in Jægergårdsgade

Ninna Gøtzsche, NY

Cultural Connection CC's stand på SOFA New York, april 2012