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Collect 2013

It is the 10th year of Collect and my 4th time showing at this fantastic exhibition. I will be showing with Cultural Connections CC.


Wayward, 2013Wayward
It is the controlled, elegant and exalted.
It is the alluring, disorderly unknown.
All is a part of the whole, the contradictions create a wayward life

This year I will be showing new versions of the series of bowls called Wayward.
The dark, green glaze has gone even more dark and intense and the shapes of the bowls are stretching the limits a bit more. It has been very interesting to investigate the shape of the bowl and find out how far I can take it.

Messy. Belching. Slandering.
Uncivilized. Uncultivated. Unelegant.
Crude. Rough. Rude.
Ugly. Terrible. Disorderly. Sloppy.
Swagger. Fat. Foolish.
Grim. Immature. Ignorant. Incomplete

But with a nice, yellow glaze.

I will also be showing bottles from the series Uncultured.
With these bottles, I wanted to make something not as neat and pleasent as my ususal work. I have thrown the bottles fairly thick and have the cut in them with different tools.
The running glaze underlines the cuts and holes in the bottles.