European Capital of Culture

Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture in 2017. The theme is Rethink. For me rethinking is a natural part of my everyday work.
I will show this through three focus exhibitions in my studio gallery Formuleret throughout 2017

May-July 2017 // Rethink - Form
Den personlige kopWhat is the perfect shape for a coffee cup? Should the handle be wide or narrow, sit at the top or the bottom? 
For several years, Ninna has developed the Personal Cup, also known as the Tuesday Cup, a series where all the cups are different. It means you can choose your own personal, unique cup. For the focus exhibition Ninna has filled an entire room with different cups. 


August-September 2017 // Rethink - Function 

The functional aspect is central to Ninnas work. Or it has been until now. As she has developed her personal expression, it has become interesting for her to see what the clay can do, when it is not tied to functional requirements. So, based on the expression in her other work, she has developed new ceramic wall reliefs. 

October-November 2017 // Rethink - Material 
Gellerup, sortThe city is filled with materials and Ninna use them in a variety of work. It can be bricks from the demolished Skt. Annagade School, or asphalt from the area called Gellerup in Aarhus V. In autumn 2017 presents Ninna a new series with a local material. The material has to be tested and the shape of the ceramics adapted to it, so the material will be selected in July 2017. 

The three focus exhibitions take place in the studio gallery Formuleret in Jægergårdsgade, Aarhus.