Exhibition at Galleri Pagter

Skåret m stentøj

From the 4th of March until The 16th of April 2016 I will be exhibiting with Gunhild Rudjord at Gallery Pagter in Kolding, Denmark.

About the exhibition:

"Ninna Gøtzsche continouesly work with exploring new areas and developing her personal expression. For this exhibiton she has worked with the concepts "Soft and Hard" - leading to the series Rotunda and Tektonika.

Cirkelvase, bred

Tektonika is a series, where she cuts and pulls into the leather hard clay, so coarse, broken and lively surfaces occurs. The pots are made of porcelain clay and a thin layer of stoneware clay is applied onto the cut surfaces.

In the Rutunda series she uses thrown rings of porcelain clay, draped on vases wet, directly from the potters wheel. After the firing, the work appears floating on thin porcelain rings. Ninna maintains the softness of the clay, by not touching the thrown rings.

Ninna works with traditional concepts like the vessel and the potters wheel. By choosing simplicity in materials and techniques, she creates space for challenning the opportunities of the matrial - and way new expressions arise."


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