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I have been making the bowls in the first image for a couple of years now. They have been well received and I enjoy making them. At some point, though, happened what always happens to me...


I start developing on the shapes again. Wondering whether I should press a little extra on that point of the edge, or maybe make them more flat.

The development comes partly from the input of customers, partly from knowing the form throughoutly. When I know how it works, I am more able to develop it.

Saltkar, sorte

At one point I made som flat versions of the bowls as a set for children, (why does children always have to eat out of cheap plastic? Shouldn't they learn what good material is? I know, they will throw it on the floor, but shouldn't they learn to care about objects?!? I certainly don't want to eat my meal from cheap, pink plastic), that never really sold well.

barnesætWhat I found out, was that people liked to buy them as bowls for olives and stuff like that. A flat bowl seemed quite attractive. I found the form a bit boring, though, so I developed it a bit and ended up with bowls like the flat one here:

Grønne tudeskåle

I found that quite interesting. More spouts in one bowl! Exciting! Partly because something really interesting is happening with the form, but also because the repetition of the spout from the original bowl at some point seemed artificial instead of a natural part of the form of the bowl. Furthermore, I was a bit annoyed that people seemed to think that they had to pour from the spout - it was meant as a natural resting place for the cutlery and to make it easier to pick up the bowl.

Grøn unika skål

Anyway, those new, flat bowls were kind of funny. So I developed the same thing on forms that were a bit bigger. And taller. And on some more rounded bowls. With a distortion that was different. And, oh, a push from the outside in, instead of inside out. The new forms are giving me new opportunities of ways of letting the glaze run. All in different ways. Here are a few pictures of the progress so far.


Sort unika skål

As often before, it is a development from functional ware to more unique pieces. This is why it is important to me to span both directions - because they give to each other, both by giving me experience and with developing ideas.
There is a lot more developing to be done om those bowls - there are lots of different things to be tried and found out before I am happy.

So excuse me. I have bowls that need to be made.