Origin of the subspecies - Janus Bygningen

Janus-Bygningen - Afarternes Oprindelse2"Both Asger Kristensens and Ninna Gøtzsches ceramic pieces have something human to them. They are like creatures from other worlds, but at the same time the seem wellknown. There is references to form, excrescences and life we know. But the result is not quite as we would expect, it is subspecies of the well-known.

With those subspecies the two ceramists are not looking for beauty or the absolute - rather the quirky and unrestricted, for that is where the subspecies become interesting and get their own beauty.

With the title of the exhibition, the two potters on the onbe hand describe that their work is coming out of a long tradition and history, but also that there will always going be an evolution of new species, new roads to be walked on."

The exhibition is open until the 30th of March.

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Janus-Bygningen - Afarternes Oprindelse3