White Breakthrough

Ukultiveret Gennembrud, Ib Sørensen

In the last year, I have been developing vases and bowls in the series Uncultivated Breakthrough.
It has been exciting to work with, partly because there are so many different possibilities when cutting the surface, depending on how soft or dry the clay is when I cut in it.

Also, the space inside is interesting and it changes a lot depending on wheter there is a light or a dark glaze inside and of course the sizes of the holes are important for the light as well.

When I change the proportions and go from vase to bowl, a whole new range of possibilities arises, new things to experiment with and solve.

Ukultiveret Gennembrud, skålQuite a few people have asked me, if I wont make some as lamps or some for candlelights. I understand the idea, when you see a shape with holes in, instinctivly you want light to shine through. But Uncultivatet Breakthrough is about the hidden, unknown inside. So light would take it in another direction.

Hvidt GennembrudBut light is exciting! Therefore, I have made some new versions, where the wall is cut in thin flakes and glazed white. I work with porcelain clay, it has the characteristic that light can partly shine through it. With the new work, you can sometimes see a bit of light shining through.
In my opinion the magic is kept, when light only occurs in a glimpse.